Tin Foil Cowboy Hat – Stan Dickie’s New Album!

Hey everybody, Stan’s new album Tin Foil Cowboy Hat is here – sort of… There is actually only one copy of the album in existence and Stan has sold it to an Alien race whose identity we cannot share. The price is unknown, but it’s believed to be in the Alien’s native currency. We understand that Stan is hoping to visit another galaxy in the near future to spend his windfall. As for the album, it’s up to the Aliens to decide whether it will ever be heard by human ears (besides ours). We can tell you right now though, that this is Stan’s best album in years! The good news is, Stan has decided that one song will be made available to us Earthlings! It can only be heard here on standickie.com. It’s called The Moon Song and it’s streaming for free right now! But beware that your worldview may change. This song reveals some shocking truths the way only Stan can reveal ’em!

Tin Foil Cowboy Hat Cover

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