I’m Stan Dickie and I was born in 1966 in Katchetaw down in Franklin County, a town so small it’s probably not even on a map. Katchetaw is a town where men are men and women are whatever we want ‘em to be. There’s not much goin’ on in Katchetaw, but it is home to the world’s largest bent coat hanger. Legend has it, that there was a feller who used to perform abortions on his farm outside ‘o town, and well, they say he got what he deserved. All the menfolk wrapped that hanger ‘round his neck and that was the end of him. ‘Cause that’s what we’re like in Katchetaw, we respect life and tradition.

My Daddy was a long haul trucker, and Momma was a housewife during the day. I only ever saw my Daddy 3 times, he was out on the road so much. Once me and my brothers was old enough to take care of ourselves, Momma started workin’ nights cleanin’ the outhouses. She’d get home just in time to cook up the steak and eggs for me and my brothers. Never slept more than a hour a day. ‘Course she’s out of a job now, cuz the town has plumbin’ – but I guess it’s okay, cuz she’s 82 now.

I fell in love with music growin’ up, listenin’ to rockabilly greats like Carl Perkins and Dale Hawkins and o’ course, Johnny Cash. I didn’t get my first guitar till I was 19, bought it with my own money I made turnin’ tricks. By turnin’ tricks I mean, o’ course that I was a street magician. Anyway, I learnt to play real fast and made my first record in 1988, the year I found Jesus. My first hit was (I Found Jesus) Under a Truck, all about my two favorite things, trucks and Jesus.

I been makin’ records pretty steady since then, but I ain’t never had my big break. I used to have a band, but we ain’t on speakin’ terms no more so I play solo ever now and then. I guess I been in and outta jail too much, and them fellers just gave up on me. Or maybe they don’t wanna talk to me no more cuz I ended up in Canada. Don’t ask me how. All I can say is, if you follow a woman, you’re gonna end up in trouble. What’s worse than livin’ in Winnipeg, the coldest city in North America? At least I’m in Ottawa now, where it ain’t quite as cold. One day I’ll settle back in Katchetaw in that shadow of that coat hanger!

– Stan Dickie